Special Hazards Fire Protection
Precision Fire Protection is a distributor for Oklahoma of Stat-X aerosol fire suppression generators. These devices are rated for class A, B &C fires and are ideal for special hazard areas with limited space or moving parts. Stat-X is an economical solution when compared to costly FM200 clean agent or Co2 systems installations with up to 35% savings. Stat-X suppressant agent is non-toxic and is listed by the EPA as a Halon substitute, perfect for server rooms and occupied areas. Stat-X fire suppression is the most economical system, offering the most versatile fire protection in the industry.

Stat-X has a wide range of solutions by size and activation type such as manual release, thermal release and electrical release and can be connected in series for larger areas and monitored by any fire alarm control panel for 24 hour fire protection of vital equipment.   
Stat-X aerosol technology offers:

NO distribution piping, Manifold, or nozzles.
                                                                       NO floor space requirement or shoring for weight.

NO venting or ceiling tile clipping

NO solenoid actuators, control heads or hoses

NO system pressurization or room integrity tests

Low maintenance cost
Precision FIre Protection is licensed and insured in the state of Oklahoma.

OK License #356